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Elevate Your Company’s Digital Culture  with Google Workspace
What is a digital culture and what does it mean for your company? 
A digital culture explores the ways we use technology and the internet to create digital experiences that promote collaboration, communication, and flexibility, which are essential for succeeding in the modern business landscape. 
A digital culture is achieved when your employees use digital tools and  technologies to innovate, collaborate and offer customer services and support. 
Google Workspace will enable your business to create a digital culture that is efficient, effective and adaptable to the needs of the modern business landscape.
We show you how it works and we teach you how to use it
Our Google Workspace courses cover a range of topics, including:
Achieve Inbox Zero
Learn how to manage your inbox and have a zero inbox  You can use spaces to create chat rooms for your team where you can collaborate and work on projects together, without investing in another messaging software tool.
Stay organized
Discover how to store, organise, and share files and folders with your team, collaborate in real-time on documents, and use advanced features like version history and commenting.
Stay productive always
Learn how to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, format text and visuals, collaborate in real-time, and use advanced features like add-ons and templates.
Collaborate effectively
Master the art of video conferencing, including scheduling meetings, joining meetings, sharing screens and files, and using features like breakout rooms and recording. Understand how to share and edit documents all while hosting a Google meeting with captions that will help those who are hard of hearing people.
We offer both live and on-demand courses to accommodate your busy schedule. Our live courses are interactive and allow for Q&A with our expert trainers, while our on-demand courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
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