How Google Workspace helps to keep your Business secure.
Protect your organization’s data from potential data breaches and loss with Google Workspace security and privacy features so you can work safely from anywhere across devices.
Google Workspace security
 More and more businesses have been turning to cloud-based solutions to manage how they do business, from service delivery to internal operations.. With Google Workspace, not only can you streamline business processes, but you can also take advantage of the various security settings and features offered on the platform to keep your organization’s data safe and private.
Empowering users and administrators to improve security and compliance Google incorporates security into its operations, technology, structure, and approach to customer data with a secure infrastructure as the default for each Google Workspace customer. Users are actively empowered to customize and enhance their individual security settings to meet business needs through account security wizards and dashboards. Admins also have access to powerful tools such as email security policies and authentication features like single sign-on, and 2-step verification all of which can be configured to meet the organization’s system and security integration requirements.
Protect and retain company information Using a basic Gmail account to conduct business email may seem harmless, but it could cost you down the line. When you conduct business on your personal gmail account, the information on it can range from new ideas and project outlines, to company financials, or even new product designs. So if an employee leaves the organization, any company files and information in their gmail account leaves with them, and if they change their password, you can lose your intellectual property. However, with Google Workspace, the business has the highest and complete control over employee accounts and all the data in  them. So even if someone leaves, the account and  any valuable information on it remains in the company’s possession.
Collaborate in a secure environment Google Drive offers secure file-sharing, encryption protocols, and collaboration capabilities to safeguard your data and ensure its privacy. Admin access control privileges in Google Workspace allows you to manage permissions so only authorized users can access and edit shared company files. Thanks to dynamic Data Loss Prevention measures to prevent data breaches, whether intentional or accidental, you’ll  always be covered just in case anything happens, whether you’re using Gmail, Google Chat, Spaces, or Drive.
Build trust with professional emails With Google Workspace, every department and employee gets a company account for trusted external and internal communications. This also helps you build customer trust, look professional, have complete control over who can use your company accounts, and easily delete or add users as your team changes. Did you know you can significantly reduce the chances of your business’s emails ending up in potential clients’ spam folders by using professional email addresses?
Safe virtual Meetings  Google Meet uses various safety measures to keep all your video meetings secure. This includes anti-hijacking security controls like meeting codes and 2-step verification for participants to join telephone dial-in and web video meetings. All data in Meet is also encrypted (which also includes meeting recordings) meaning whether you’re on or off the call, whatever was discussed stays confidential. 
Certifications and Compliance  Google puts security at the center of the Google Workspace architecture and the team is dedicated to providing secure services and products that meet various certifications and strict compliance standards. Their products regularly undergo verification of their compliance, privacy, and security controls, and they are constantly working to expand their compliance coverage to ensure your business meets privacy and data protection regulations.
We can help you leverage the robust security features and integrated controls within Google Workspace, so your organization can bolster the security of its communication channels and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or data breaches.
You’ll also be able to collaborate seamlessly and confidently, knowing that your business is safeguarded by industry-leading security measures with guidance from our skilled team.
Questions we have been receiving...
How does Google keep my information secure? Google Workspace is cloud-native. This means that organizations have a safer way to work that is protected from cyber threats and prevents data loss. Google also employs dedicated computer security experts and professionals  to work on protecting your data. has been built from scratch to alleviate unique threats for cloud systems and the company’s performance standards apply to institutions and organizations globally.
Does Google Workspace meet my compliance requirements? Google Workspace is HIPAA compliant and uses very tight security and privacy standards. This helps customers address their regulatory and compliance requirements through strong contractual commitments on data ownership, use, security, transparency, and accountability.
Is Google Workspace Safe? Google Workspace is currently one of the safest cloud-based platforms on the market. Google works consistently to protect its customers, follow the most updated security guidelines, and ensure complete safety overall.
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