BusinessCom Academy
Introducing Virtual Academy Sessions
In line with our Digital Transformation mission, we are excited to announce that we are launching online academy training…in a addition to our current in person training sessions.  Adopting a Digital Culture for your team means you can now enable them to have their training from wherever they are.
Why are Virtual Sessions important? 
Virtual Sessions are not meant to completely replace In-person sessions; they are an addition to them.  For teams that have field operations, this is the perfect way to consistently build capacity for your team.

This is best for distributed teams, especially teams with field or plant operations.
What Does This Mean for you?
Your team can now schedule and join virtual sessions, from anywhere and on any device.
This will ensure no hindrances in your business operations while also allowing continued staff training.
Flexible hours
You can cherry pick whatever time works for you and our team of trainers will adapt to fit into your schedule.
Learn from anywhere

You no longer need to be in the same room with all your colleagues to be trained. With Virtual Sessions, you can join a training via Google Meet from anywhere.
Continued Employee Training

You can now schedule your capacity building calendar for your team around the clock. Empowered employees are 30% more productive. 
Engaged Learning Model

Virtual Sessions are for an hour. This means improved concentration and engagement for both the trainers and your team. Plus, our virtual sessions are pretty fun.
One-to-one Feedback Sessions
You can now get one to one feedback session with our expert trainers to help you grow your productivity and efficiency. 
How we transformed Governors’ Camp
We want our clients to be really well looked after. They have high expectations, so we can have no slip ups. By removing bottlenecks, increasing efficiency, and accelerating our ability to collaborate, Google Workspace helps us get things done in a highly mobile work environment. When people in remote locations collaborate on Google Sheets, for example, and see data appear in front of them, they’re immediately converted. We suddenly went from organized chaos to being on top of things. Usage grew organically to embrace the entire suite
Dominic Grammaticas, Managing Director, Governors’ Camp
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